What is Scenebot?

So, everyone is asking us lately, what is Scenebot?  What’s all the hype?

Well I will be happy to tell you.  Scenebot is a free, safe platform that promises to revolutionize the access that young actors have to top-notch industry professionals.  Through the Scenebot app and website, actors have access to audition material where they can upload their audition to be posted for casting professionals to review and select the best ones.  Honorable mentions and Top Select auditions are posted for all members, both actors and industry professionals, to view.

Anyone, of any age, that creates an account on the Scenebot site. You can join as an actor or just as a supporter and vote for your favorite actors.  The best way to “Get Scene” by industry pros is to make the Top Ten because pros receive a direct link to the Top Ten auditions each month.

I am happy to say that Bella has consistently placed in the Top 10 every month since she joined in July of 2016.  That being said, she was invited by the producers of Scenebot to fly out to Los Angeles to record scripts for their new ActBack track, as well as, to record a promotional video for them.

It was an amazing experience for Bella and we are so grateful for the opportunity! Special thanks to Management by Morgan for introducing Scenebot to their actors!