Empire Teaser

Well folks, last night the cat was officially let out of the bag on Season 5 Episode 7 of Fox’s hit show Empire.  For those of you who watch the show and know who Jeff Kingsley is, you probably know that he revealed a very big secret.  A secret that’s about to rock the Lyon family to its core.

Not only is Kingsley the new CIO of Empire, the very company that Lucious Lyon built, but he also revealed to the audience that he is Lucious Lyon’s son!  That should make for a very interesting ending to the Fall Season of Empire.

During one of the last scenes, Kingsley was sitting beside his mother’s hospital bed reminiscing and looking at an old picture of his mother and Lucious as teenagers.   Coincidentally, his teenage mom is being played by Bella Palo.


Stay tuned for more, as Bella will make her official Empire debut on Episode 9, due to air in early December.