Valley teenager lands role on NBC’s “Chicago Fire”

By Danielle Cotterman, Reporter

A local teenager landed a role on NBC’s hit series “Chicago Fire.” Wednesday night, classmates spent the evening at Ursuline High School celebrating with a watch party.

Isabella Palowitz appeared on Chicago Fire Tuesday night. Her role as “Heather” had many fans of the show not liking her but, back here in Youngstown friends of the 15 year-old actress were thrilled to watch their classmate on the big screen.

“It’s crazy, I’ve known Isabella since the first grade and ever since I’ve known her she’s wanted to be an actress and seeing her on TV now it’s just mind blowing,” said Friend Spencer Humphreys.

Palowitz is a top 10 students at Ursuline High School. She admits it’s not always easy pursuing her dream, while keeping up with classes.

“It’s hard because when I went to shoot Chicago Fire I was gone for a week from school and I had to bring all my stuff with me and I’m a huge procrastinator, believe it or not. so keeping up with all of my work was kind of overwhelming,” said Palowitz.

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